We are extremely proud of the services we provide to all of our customers. We see our customers being more like our friends, so our relationship is more personal than most of the other agencies in online marketing. Our friends success is our success. Below just a few of our friends.

“We decided to change our SEO agency after it was pointed out to us that our existing provider was actually hurting our long-term online strategy. We looked at a lot of SEO agencies but these guys were the clear favorite. They have the right strategy and they’ve been awesome to work with and the results speak for themselves.”
Brenda Davis
CEO & Founder
“We have now a constant flow of new leads thanks to the growth created by Plano SEO company. They developed our new online strategy and it's been awesome to work with them.”
Gary C. Price
Sales Director
“Plano seo team developed our brand new website and managed to not only get us top positions on Google for most of our keywords, but they kept us there, as well! I can highly recommend this company to anyone.”
James Hayes
Realty Services
“Plano seo team really dug deep to understood our business and what are we trying to accomplish with the project. It is important to get the project aligned before starting to work together. Our expectations were high and so far the team has delivered what they promised and we are growing faster than ever. I strongly recommend working with plano seo, I know we are extending our contract with them! Chris Hughes”
Christopher K. Hughes
Marketing Manager
“I truly appreciated having a company that was willing to help someone with zero knowledge of seo. They kept in contact via email and I never felt I was left wondering what is going on. Our phone is ringing more than ever and we are now on google first page, so yes, I would strongly recommend this company.”
Nichole Allen
Founder & CEO